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Korea Water Resources Association (KWRA) is a non-profit organization with more than 2,000 members from practicing hydro engineers as well as academians in Korea.

KWRA was founded in 1967 to contribute to the academic developments and public welfares regarding the earth waters. Its mission is to explore various countermeasures for a sustainable balance between structural and non-structural approaches toward the efficient water resources managements in Korea.

Interested areas of KWRA include the securement of abundant water resources to mitigate water scarcity, the implementation of comprehensive measures for water management and the restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

KWRA expects to address various approaches and methods used for the prediction and management of water resources, to exchange advanced experiences in the areas of integrated watershed managements and to share new innovative developments for the scientific managements of water resources.

As a member of World Water Council and IHP (International Hydrological Programme) of UN, KWRA is trying to foster rapid buildups of water engineering technologies in close cooperations with other countries. The united efforts will take the lead in the technological developments of water resources.

To meet the needs both at home and abroad, KWRA is promoting the scientific knowledges of the processes of water cycles and flows on the earth and leading the government policy-making for the progress of water resources technologies to contribute to the national welfares.

Thank you very much.

Heo.Jun-Haeng President, KWRA