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Registration number : ISSN 1738-9488

Publication : monthly
  1. Publish the first edition "Water"/ May, 1968.
  2. Magazine was re-named the "Science of water" / June, 1969.
  3. Magazine was re-named the "Magazine of Korea Water Resources Association" / Feb, 1995.
  4. Magazine was re-named "Water for Future" ,Magazine of Korea Water Resources Association /Jan, 2006


We welcome contributions from all members.
Non-members may also contribute articles to the magazine, and will receive a fee.
Please adhere to the following instructions when contributing articles to the magazine:

  1. If possible, please use the word processor, and send a article by E-mail.
  2. The article should not exceed 6 pages (A4 paper, 11 point for word size, 6 pieces of paper for line division of 140%).
  3. The contributor's name, workplace, and position, photo should be clearly written on the top corner of the article.
  4. All articles should be in Korean. In cases where Chinese characters or foreign terms are inevitable, they should be put in brackets.
  5. Please refer to previous issues of the journal in using diagrams and tables, and also in drawing up the bibliography. Contributors should refer to the guidelines and procedures of writing a thesis.
  6. All contributors should attach a separate piece of paper with the following information: name of contributor, workplace, position, ID no., home address, telephone no., and bank account no. (for transmission of contribution fee)
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