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Continuous Exforts towards Water Resources development
• Dam construction to prevent frequent flood damage and for a stable water supply
Multi-purpose dams will be built continually until 2011, securing new water resources of 5.1 billion , increasing the reserve rate to 8.5%.
Constructing eco-friendly dams and pursuing projects to promote the welfare and income of residents around dams.

• Expansion of infrastructure such as a multi-regional water supply systems : 
During '94 - '96 droughts, the areas which were covered by multi-regional water supply systems were not effected by the drought. This case proved that the multi-regional water supply system is an effective solution against severe drought.

• Completion of the current construction projects of 18 new multi-regional water supply systems by1999.

• Continuous construction of more than 29 multi-regional water supply systems by 2011 which covers urban areas and some rural areas. (increasing coverage : from 35% to 65%)

• Search for alternatives to avoid water shortages in the 21st Century.

• Extensive research for the effective management of water resources.

Effective Flood Management

•  Infrastructure Preparation
Expansion of channel improvement from 61% to 77% by the year 2001

Continuous construction of multipurpose reservoirs to increase the capacity of flood control

Maintenance & expansion of the urban drainage facilities

•  Information Preparation 

Improving the early flood forecasting system of 5 major rivers including the Han-River and extending it to mid and small size rivers.

Joint-integration of the early flood forecasting system using Remote Sensing/GIS to increase the efficiency of the system.

Regulation of the land utilization of possible flooded areas.

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